Mission / Vision / Values

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Polish Assistance

Mission Statement

The Polish Assistance’s mission is to provide assistance, primarily financial, to persons of Polish origin who are at risk or in crisis due to poverty, mental or physical illness.

Our Vision:

We’re about changing lives.
People have a right to basic necessities. Our vision is to make a positive impact on the community we serve by consistently expanding our assistance to those in need in the Polish American community until we live in a world where every person has an acceptable standard of living.

We’re all about giving back.
We share our gifts with those who suffer in our community. We care for those who look to us in their time of greatest need.

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Our Core Values

Respect the diversity of life
Treat every individual with dignity and respect
Provide basis for positive change
Uphold Polish culture and tradition

Polish Assistance is important because it provides a public benefit.
Create sense of a strong community at the local level and as a global society. By engaging and participating in community life, Polish Assistance has a positive impact on the community. People’s health and safety are essential for long term improvement in their quality of life and ability to effectively participate in their communities.

Polish Assistance demonstrates caring attitude and demonstrates compassionate support.

Polish Assistance exists to maximize resources available and finds solutions for those in need. We seek to assist as many people as our financial resources support. We tie our activities directly to our mission, and we are vigilant about accountability to members, donors and recipients. All of our services are based on best way to support people in need.