Polish Assistance

They need your help

New York City is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, yet, there is so many that live here in poverty and misery.


Polish Assistance is one of the sponsors of the traditional Christmas Eve dinner organized by Erika Volker’s SOS Homeless volunteer group for the homeless and lonely in Greenpoint. Eryka, who is a well respected community activist, is also a member of the Polish Assistance Board of Directors.


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Today you are making a difference in their lives. We highlight just a few of our cases....

Winter... and winter holidays.... not for everyone
We ask you to donate... so we can make a difference to those who have no place to turn.

Your donations will help lighten the financial burden of life with cancer. 
Medical bills, medications, travel, accommodation, costs for treatment and employment issues can create financial hardships.  There may also be a language barrier. In 2014, we began helping a 64 year old woman diagnosed with liver cancer.  She subsequently received a liver transplant but is only able to work two days a week which is not enough to cover her expenses.  Late this summer, she called about a friend that also needs help because she has a stage 4 throat cancer.  Your donation will help to ease the financial burden as they go through process of obtaining public assistance.

Domestic Violence leaves 3 children without parents.  They are under loving care of family members, and we assist with the financial burden. 

Your donation will help an immigrant family maximize their potential.
After two strokes, a 61 year old bricklayer has been struggling to make ends meet.  His fractured humerus has impaired his mobility and an ability to work.  His daughter has been accepted at the Syracuse University School of Architecture.  She can stay home, work and help support her father, or she go to college and we can help her father.  Eventually, she will be there for him.  We can lend him a helping hand as they both look struggle for a better life.

Just $60 per month will help this 63 year old man with bipolar disorder. He was homeless. Now he receives public assistance, but it is not enough.  Even a small amount can help.

Widower who had 3 strokes, four by-passes and has been diagnosed with diabetes (one toe amputated), high blood pressure, asthma and he is scheduled for an eye operation. He qualified for a program at Maimonides Hospital where he can see specialists but each visit cost $10 to $15 and that is too much for his budget. According to the Maimonides Medical Center he has serious medical and psychiatric problems.  He continues to move forward.

A widow with 5 young children
Her husband died of cancer while she was pregnant with their fifth child. Today, the youngest is 3 years old and the oldest is 12. She  has no family here to help her. She lives frugally but she needs help.  "If God trusts me with five children, then I can raise them alone.  I am at the mercy of federal assistance and goodwill of people." The Polish community rallied by holding a fundraiser.  Polish Assistance provides monthly support.

"I am old and sick"
Polish Assistance has been helping me since 2003.  I am 81 year old widow and I have been diagnosed with angina, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis degenerative disc disease. I have no family.  I am confined to a wheelchair.  I rely on the goodwill of my church and of Polish Assistance. Thank you for your donations.

We just need a bit
We are patients at Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital, a long term acute care hospital, the New York City’s safety-net provider of healthcare services.  We have no income and no families.  Most likely we will never leave here.  Help from Polish Assistance lets us keep our dignity.  Thank you.  We know you care.

Over the years, so many have supported and continue to this day to support Polish Assistance. They deserve recognition and our special gratitude.  The Board of Directors and the Grant Committee consider each case.  Dr. Nina Thiessen for many years has been reviewing the applications; many of them have pages and pages of medical records attached. Eryka Volker is a well-known activist in the Polish community and has been involved in charity work for over 25 years. She has great insight into the needs of those who are less fortunate. Her work on behalf of the needy has been profiled in many newspaper articles as well as on local TV. 

Diamond Street Fire Victims update
You answered the call—thank you. Life goes on and you made is easier to bare the burden… 14 people were left homeless after 3 buildings burnt down on Diamond Street in the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn  on  February 14, 2016.   It took 170 firefighters over 3 hours to stop the fire. Among victims are approximately 14 Polish Americans.  Some lost everything.  All feel lucky to be alive. Neighbors stepped up by providing clothing and shelter.  American Red Cross provided temporary housing for some.  The Polish community reacted swiftly and over $30,000 was distributed to the fire victims.  Special thanks goes to the organizing committee.  

Details:   New York Times  or Nowy Dziennik (in Polish with photos)