Polish Assistance

Polish Assistance Mission Statement

Polish Assistance mission is to provide assistance, primarily financial, to persons of Polish origin who are at risk or needy

Polish Assistance's Grant Committee, through an application process, reviews requests for assistance. 


Once an applicant becomes our beneficiary, we are usually committing often to his/her support for their remaining lifetime as most of our recipients have little chance for quality of life improvement.  In most cases, these individuals are seniors with serious health issues that have no means of supporting themselves. We also provide assistance to patients in a “long term acute care hospital”, the city’s safety-net provider of healthcare services. 


Each applicant goes through an initial review process and is reapproved annually.  The official poverty guideline statrs at $11,670 per person and $15,730 for a family of two. We sadly report that most applicants meet this criteria.


Emergencies happen -  if we feel the condition is temporary, we might  give one time assistance or for a very short time. 


With the help of donations from supporters such as you, we will continue to provide assistance so that our elderly can live out their years with dignity.