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How do we choose our recipients and how are the funds distributed

   How much assistance do we provide annually

Who are some of our recent recipients

What's the most satisfying part of being part of our organization

What is the hardest part of our mission


With many thanks to Nowy Dziennik for publishing
an article (in Polish) about Polish Assistance


Polish Assistance
Polska Bratnia Pomoc

Rich in tradition, generous in compassion
Celebrating 61 years of providing assistance to individuals 
who are at risk or in crisis due to poverty, mental or physical illness
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Every day we are thankful for the difference you make in their lives 
and there are so many more that we need to help 

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Polish Assistance provides assistance to individuals in need primarily in the New York metropolitan area. The amount and size of our budget depends on your donations. 


Once an applicant becomes our beneficiary, we are usually committing to his/her support for their remaining lifetime as most of our recipients have little chance for quality of life improvement.  In most cases, these individuals are seniors with serious health issues that have no means of supporting themselves. We also provide assistance to patients in a “long term acute care hospital”, the city’s safety-net provider of healthcare services.    


Polish Assistance raises funds through individual donations which go to support beneficiaries of our assistance.  In some cases, we will do a fundraiser for an individual cause.  Unfortunately, today elderly abuse has Janina Kokorudz’s face.  Last year, Polish Assistance donated as well as assisted in collecting and distributing funds to the Diamond Street Fire victims.